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I'm dying for a tutorial on how you edit your pictures ;^;

You’re just, adorable. <3

The latest ones of River, I just messed with the brightness and contrast, used the oil paint filter in Photoshop and sharpened some things. My other pictures I’ll do different actions, pick them apart and piece them together, merge layers, change capacities and things along those lines. I can send you a couple links to some of my favorite actions?

When is River going to made a YA? And what about the other triplets, its only river we see

She’s only 17, so probably not for a bit, since it’ll completely change her face shape and such. As for the other triplets, River is the only one that I run as a RP account. I don’t have Rose and I don’t run her account, that belongs to someone else. But you will see some Regan with River tonight! ^_^

Though, here is a link to a couple of pictures neversayenevermore took of Rose.

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