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Mee :)

Hello there!

You had just showed up on my dashboard last night while I was scrolling, the post was with Malia, I believe her name is? She’s completely gorgeous, I actually really love her face, so I can say I’ll be looking forward to seeing more of her, and your stuff in general.

Passionperfectionplumbobs, Simply-One-Hell-Of-A-Simblr, Nernershuman. :)

Passionperfectionplumbobs- I hadn’t been following them so I had to go check them out, from first glance I realized a lot of reblogs, so hopefully I’ll be able to see some of their content or stuff I like from the stuff that they do reblog! ^_^

Simply-one-hell-of-a-simblr- I do enjoy seeing them on my dash when they pop up.

Nernershuman- I’ve been subbed to her for a little bit now, I remember reading her story “Waking Life” awhile ago.

woohoodlums, simlychic, kayan-peppa, simeroniandcheese

Well, I don’t follow any of them to be honest so you just gave me four new people to follow. I do however look forward to seeing their stuff on my dash.

Send me a tumblr URL and I’ll tell you my honest opinion about them \ (•◡•) /!


Watch me get none, but I want to do this. xD

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This is my confession: You can be so head strong and stubborn, slightly intimidating even. But once you get past your exterior the interior is magnificent. You're sweet and ready to battle for your friends at any time. You're not a push-over and you keep to your convictions. How can you not be awesome?!? <3

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